Case Studies

Here are some practical examples of how we help companies every day.

Malindo Airlines Breach

Our powerful crawlers sneaked into the darkweb and open web platforms and identified a large dump related to Malindo Airways and GOQuo which included a great many private information belonging to the passengers. The original was dumped in an Amazon bucket file. The data included reservation ids,name,addresses ,passport details,contact details etc . We reviewed the situation and started analyzing the data. We were the first to intimate Malindo after monitoring different levels of web on Sept 11th, 2019. On Sept 12th we learnt that the data had been starting to share on multiple platforms including many darkweb portals,telegram,hacker forums etc through portals like mega ,open and anon files. We waited till Sept 16th for allowing the medias to share it .On Sept 18th, South China Morning Post reported the story getting clarification from Malindo and quoting us.

Malindo could have proactively avoided by acknowledging the breach and letting the users take a measure before it became a public disclosure.

Edutech App

An edutech brand is regularly using our services to monitor the risk they are incurring in their great journey. They are able to mitigate those risks much before they get ubiquitous on different platforms.