In our quest to create world class cyber-security products, we are extremely proud to have built Integrite - Breach Detection and Notification Platform.


Integrite is our powerful breach detection engine which is integrated to our automated crawlers and other data funnels all over the world. On detection of a data dump, integrite will automatically analyze and categorize the breach data and calculate the risk it pose to an organisation.

Integrite comes with a robust dashboard which offers a simple and user-friendly interface because we believe and specialize in presenting data in the simplest human readable format, that is extracted from complicated big data.

Major features of integrite are monitoring credential leaks, customer data, payment transaction data which are all structured automatically and presented as downloadable reports to the client. This actionable intel is the ultimate deliverable of integrite.

These actionable inputs provided by Integrite enable clients to take corrective measures as soon as a breach is detected before other parties are aware of such incidents, thus mitigating it’s impact on reputation and also reduce financial loss.