Services Offered

At Technisanct , We are committed to delivering a boutique of services to ensure pro-active monitoring of security infrastructure and all elements related to it. As a Cyber Security startup we offer wide range of services from penetration testing to litigation assisstance.


Empowered with a team of Cyber Security professionals who are capable of identifying any kind of threats could occur to an organization. Our team is capable of doing audits on servers,computers,networks,hosted applications etc

Risk Monitoring

Our team is readily capable on any kind of Risks that appear on a cyber platform using manual threat hunting methods as well as automated techniques. 


We assist our clients in enabling them with insights of latest cyber cases and related informations.We have a track for enabling data gathering for our clients which were used for filing documents in cyber cases. We also have worked with cyber cells and cyber laywers in helping our clients by assisting them  in their ongoing process of litigation.

Private Intelligence & Corporate Frauds

From our experience we understood that many corporate frauds happen due to lack of intelligence . When we work with our clients we provide them with three dimensional intelligence on any scope of cyber frauds that can occur in their environment . We have track working with corporates in identifying cyber frauds thus by enabling them to actions before occurance.

Forensic Investigation

Forensic investigation is the first step that enables anyone to get insights of any kind of cyber incidents that would have happened. We enables the latest FTK methods to support any kind of forensic needs